Review: Crysis 3Review: Crysis 3

Review: Crysis 3

crysis 3 site cover 300x142 Review: Crysis 3The Prophet has squeezed himself back into his super-suit once again for the third rendition of the Crysis series, Crysis 3. Fans of the original Crysis were mildly aggrieved when Crysis 2 migrated over from a PC only title to a console release, this meant less open spaces and more corridors. However, this time around Crysis 3 promises wide open spaces to explore, similar to the first title.

However, this isn’t entirely true.

Crysis 3 is more a mix of the previous two titles, there’s some open spaces and some tight corridors, the best of both worlds, you might say. Although, the emphasis seems to be placed on the smaller, tighter levels, rather than the open-world style. For example, for one level you may have to run and hide from a huge kill tower in a large open space and another you may have to take out a series of bad guys in a small complex – you’ll be seeing the latter of the two more often.

The Prophet returns and this time he’s joined by Psycho from the Crysis: Warhead add-on pack. The CELL have taken over and covered New York in a huge dome – think The Simpsons Movie…actually don’t. This dome is to apparently contain the few remaining alien Ceph, the side effect of this dome is that New York has become a waste land. Buildings are crumbling and overgrown and the streets are deserted and grassy – the setting looks absolutely fantastic, as you’d expect from a Cryengine game.

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When you look at games like Crysis 3 it’s amazing to think that it’s still running on 7-8 year old hardware. It’s an incredible looking game and is probably the best looking game you’ll see on a console this generation. Of course, if you really want an eyegasm then pick up the PC version, as that’s even better.

Stealth is the name of the game this time round. The phrase ‘Cloak engaged’ will be permanently engraved into your memory after a few hours of Crysis 3. This time you have a couple of tricks to help aid your stealthlyness, the main one being the new bow. As we’ve seen from recent games, the bow is making a come back and it’s extremely satisfying to use in Crysis 3 and best of all, you don’t lose your cloak when you fire. For those who don’t know, if you fire a gun whilst cloaking then you’ll become visible again, this doesn’t happen with the bow, allowing for some properly stealthy kills.

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The goggles have had a small overhaul to help you out as well, you can tag enemies and items of interest – ammo, arrows, objectives etc. Once you’ve tagged an enemy you can see their path so that you can organise a series of arrows to the face. However, if you’re spotted then you’ll alert the authorities and backup will turn up, making your job that little bit harder. You can also use your goggles to hack certain objects, this can unlock a door, turn off traps and turn turrets onto your enemies.

Throughout the game you’ll find nanosuit upgrade modules, you can use these to upgrade your nanosuit, funny that. This will allow you to increase your armour, energy amounts, give yourself longer time in stealth and so on. You can also create four different loadouts which can be switched between should the situation call for it, although I only ever used one.

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The single player is an enjoyable affair, it’ll take six to seven hours to finish depending on how you tackle it. The story is just a way to tie together the different battle scenes and it does a decent job of it, just don’t expect a Mass Effect/Metal Gear type story. Once you’ve polished that off – or even before – then you can take on the multiplayer.

The multiplayer has been given a boost all round, more modes, more abilities, more stuff to unlock, more levels and so on. If you liked the Crysis 2 multiplayer then you’ll love this, the variation between the players allow for some very entertaining matches. One player might be set-up as a sneaky assassin whilst another might be set-up as an armoured powerhouse who will suddenly appear from a rooftop and pound you into the floor. As far as modes go, there’s everything you’d expect here from deathmatch, capture the flag and so on – there’s also the new flagship mode, Hunter.

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In Hunter, everyone spawns as a CELL operative apart from one player who starts as a nanosuit wearing predator. If/when you’re killed by the hunter then you turn into a hunter, similar to Halo’s Infection mode, once all of the CELL are killed the game is over. It’s a hugely intense gametype and can create some fantastic moments, especially if you’re the last man standing. I remember one occasion where I was the only one left, I managed to punch my way through about four hunters before eventually being taken down by an arrow. If you’re part of the CELL then you get points for staying alive and being the last man standing, you’ll need to have your wits about you if you want to survive the whole round.

Crysis 3 is a worthy successor to the previous Crysis titles. The single player is enjoyable but won’t keep you gripped from start to finish. The multiplayer is the pièce de résistance with plenty of customisation, enjoyable maps and gameplay you won’t find anywhere else, it’s a great experience.