Crysis 2: Mini ReviewCrysis 2: Mini Review

Crysis 2: Mini Review

Crysis 2, the follow up to the hugely popular original from Crytek, is set in an alien infested New York City in 2023, with the player now being cast as a Force Recon Marine codenamed “Alcatraz”. Armed with an updated Nanosuit 2.0, Alcatraz now has numerous tactical options available to him when tackling not only the alien invasion by the Ceph, but also the CryNet Systems forces that have been assigned to locate, and seize the Nanosuit. So, you can go in all guns blazing in the traditional FPS fashion, however your Cloaking abilities and Nanovision will also allow you take on a more stealthy approach; sneaking past guard posts, performing stealth kills, even throwing debris with the view of distracting an enemy patrol.

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One of the areas where Crysis 2 really shines, is in the games overall presentation, including the ingame graphics and audio. Previous graphical benchmarks have come from the likes of Gears of War 2 on the XBox 360, and the Killzone franchise on PS3, and Crytek have clearly devoted a lot of time in making Crysis 2 look and sound as spectacular as possible. The fine detail, the lighting, the atmosphere all contribute to making both the single player campaign and the multiplayer games a totally immersive experience. Even when the action is getting intense, and you’re involved in some epic firefights, everything remains fluid, and backed up by some very smart enemy AI, there’s a level of polish that Crytek have applied that makes Crysis 2 stand on a par with anything we’ve seen before on either X360 or PS3.

Where Crysis 2 excels however, is in the musical score, which has seen Hollywood heavyweight Hans Zimmer (The Dark Knight, Inception) involved in an enthralling and powerful soundtrack, that adds another layer of drama to the already impressive package. Even from the opening scenes, you really do get the feeling that you’re involved in something that would not look out of place as a Hollywood blockbuster.

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Of course, no amount of shine and polish will ever make a game that plays poorly a big seller, and again, Crytek really have delivered on this front as well. If you’ve played plenty of FPS games before, then the controls will feel very familiar from the get go, from reloading to changing weapons, everything is straight forward and feels comfortable in the heat of battle.

The Single Player campaign offers a number of levels to battle through, and also various difficulty levels from Normal to Supersoldier. Given the different tactical options you have in the game, this should also mean the campaign offers a lot of replayability as you crank up the difficulty levels.

On top of this of course is the Multiplayer side of things, where the majority of Crysis 2 players will spend their time. With a number of different game modes from Solo Instant Action where you fight alone against up to 11 other players, with a view of securing the most kills to win the game, Team Instant Action for a team based version of the above, through to more objective based game modes such as Crash Site where a team scores points by securing and holding a Ceph Drop Pod site from the other team.

In terms of a player’s multiplayer career, Crysis 2 offers five set classes, as well as the ability to create and customise up to five of your own classes, with various options for Stealth/Armour/Power upgrades becoming available as you progress through the 50 Multiplayer Ranks. There is also a vast number of ‘challenges’ to complete, as well as collectable dogtags and over 20 weapons, again with the ability to add scopes/grips/grenade launchers etc as you take complete control on your loadout to destroy your opponents.

Fans of the recent games from the Call of Duty franchise, in particular Modern Warfare 2, will find all the customisation options feel very familiar, and they do allow you to add your own stamp of individuality in the battlefield.

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Crysis 2 offers an exceptional Single Player campaign, as well as a comprehensive and hugely enjoyable Multiplayer element too. It both looks and sounds incredible, and Crytek are really pushing the boundaries on what can be achieved on the current generation of consoles. It has the futuristic feel of Halo, the all-action guns blazing action from Call of Duty, and the tactical elements of Battlefield as well – its quite a unique gaming experience that will appeal to fans of all the above games, and newcomers to the FPS genre as well.

+Multiplayer customisation options

Room for improvement:
-Can encounter some connection issues from time to time, but which FPS doesn’t these days?