Wii U Review: Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2013Wii U Review: Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2013

Wii U Review: Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2013

your shape 2013 cover 300x178 Wii U Review: Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2013Fitness games have enjoyed a bit of a boom in recent years, mainly boosted by Wii Fit with it’s fancy balance board. Since then there’s been all sorts of fitness games released, whether you fancy a bit of Zumba Fitness or want to become a cage fighter with UFC Trainer. The first fitness title to land on the Wii U is Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2013 and it’s prepared to make you sweaty and uncomfortable.

The first thing you need to know before purchasing this game is that you’ll need a Wiimote, so if you didn’t own a Wii then you’ll need to pick one up as well. This is quite a large change from the previous Your Shape game, which was released on the Xbox 360 and used the Kinect to track your whole body – this meant it could give you better feedback on how you were doing. Using just a Wiimote it can be a bit flaky with it’s tracking, which in turn means some of the statistics the game offers you aren’t very accurate. However, in my eyes, if you feel like you’ve had a decent workout then you probably have, no matter what the game says.

When you boot up the game you’re required to enter your weight, height, age and your general fitness level, you have to do all of this manually as there’s no Balance Board compatibility to automatically track your weight. Once you’ve set up your details you can get into the game, the main chunk of content is under the Play menu.

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From here you can select one of four options, Workouts, Classes, Program and Activities. Workouts are small 5-15 exercise routines that target a specific body part. You can work on your abs, arms, bum and so on – within each body part is a few varying difficulty levels, depending on how fit you are.

The classes try to mimic a gym class by offering you a variety of different fitness styles such as, kickboxing, dance, yoga, pilates and so on. These will give you a more general workout that’ll burn off plenty of calories, should you put the effort in.

Activities are small fitness mini-games and include the dance mode and Zen Flow. The dance mode is pretty much the same as every other recent dance game, although there’s only a handful of tracks so if it’s dancing you’re after then it may be better to look for a more dedicated title – however, it’s still a pleasant inclusion. Zen Flow is a much more relaxing experience, it involves pointing and moving your Gamepad around the TV screen and focuses on relaxation and breathing techniques.

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Finally we have the Program mode, this is where you can create a own workout regime that suits you. Simply enter a goal, such as build muscle, lose weight and so on. Then pick how long you want the regime to run for and how many times you want to exercise a week then Your Shape will do the rest for you. All you need to do is turn up and copy whatever is on screen and you’ll be bufftastic before you know it.

Regular fitness freaks will reap the rewards as Your Shape loves throwing extras your way. Every day you’ll be given a few daily tasks which, upon completion, will give you extra coins which can be spent in the shop to unlock new goodies. You’ll also get more coins, medals and in-game achievements by logging in and working out each day and completing challenges and breaking your personal bests etc.

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Outside of the sweaty work there’s the Fitness Pal, this is a brilliant feature that helps you eat right and helps you improve you total well-being. There’s 150+ recipes included here and are conveniently split up into categories so you can find the exact meal you want. If you’re looking to bulk up then it’ll provide you with some high protein meals, if you’re looking to lose weight then it’ll obviously try to cut down your calorie intake. There’s also global filters if you’re vegetarian or vegan or if you’re looking for gluten-free or low cost.

There’s also a whole host of social interaction included, you can sign up to the Your Shape website and compete against people across the globe. You can also create challenges for you and your friends to compete in as well as compare your stats with your friends – although as I said earlier, due to the Wiimote tracking, the stats aren’t very accurate.

All in all, Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2013 is a great fitness game, there’s hundreds of routines and workouts to take on. You can easily create a fitness program for you to take on or even have a dance should you fancy a change. In my opinion the game seems to be focussed more on body toning rather than large weight loss but if you stick to it then you’re almost guaranteed to lose weight.