Wii U Review: Tank! Tank! Tank!Wii U Review: Tank! Tank! Tank!

Wii U Review: Tank! Tank! Tank!

tank tank tank cover 300x206 Wii U Review: Tank! Tank! Tank!Namco Bandai have fulfilled their tank quota with the release of Tank! Tank! Tank! on the Wii U. Unsurprisingly is contains tanks that shoot things all in the name of video game enjoyment and whilst you may experience some of this enjoyment whilst playing it’s unlikely to hang around for very long.

Much like the majority of games nowadays Tank! Tank! Tank! relies on repetition, even in it’s title. You’re tasked with shooting evil monsters and protecting the world, in the story mode you can tackle it by yourself with the help of an AI buddy or have a real life friend take over. The levels follow a fairly similar pattern, a number of lesser enemies then a single boss enemy. These foes range from giant spiders, a robot gorilla, flying eyeballs and so on.

To fight these evil demons you have a turret, as you’d expect on a tank. You can also pick up a couple of gun powerups which will enhance your shootyness for a small amount of time. There’s a number of tanks available throughout the story mode, however, if you want to unlock them you need to earn stars, you’ll get stars for finishing levels and if you want to unlock everything and progress you’ll have to play the same missions over and over; fun!

tank tank tank 1 Wii U Review: Tank! Tank! Tank!

Everything looks like it’s been sucked straight from a cartoon, which is no bad thing by any means, the enemies look decent for the most part but the maps themselves feel a bit lacklustre, even though the majority of the buildings are destructible.

If you do destroy a building it’ll probably be completely by fluke as the tank controls are 10x more awkward than they need to be. The guns have a huge lock-on, which is useful when the tanks control so badly, both of the control sticks control the tank movement so there’s no independent turret movement. There also doesn’t seem to be a way to control the camera at all, which in all makes the controls very disappointing.

The highlight of the entire game is the multiplayer but only one mode in particular. My Kong to be exact, this mode allows one player to control a giant mechanical gorilla whilst up to three of your friends can control tanks. All of the players get to choose a frame for their picture then use the Gamepad to take a photo of themselves which hovers above their tanks, the frames vary from Santa, a lion, a ninja and so on. The gorilla player will have their photo plastered over the gorilla’s head, so no more do you need to wonder what you’d look like if you were a giant mechanical ape, a damn dirty ape, if you will.

tank tank tank 2 Wii U Review: Tank! Tank! Tank!

The gorilla has a variety of moves at their disposal from ground pounds to sitting on the tanks, they can also charge themselves up and unleash an onslaught of punches. The tanks can drive around and shoot, the aim is to destroy the gorilla in a set amount of time. If the gorilla dies the tanks win and vice versa.

Tank! Tank! Tank! is fun in five minute bursts, taking out hundreds of giant spiders in enjoyable but when you’ve done basically the same thing 10 times it gets a little dull, add that to the poor controls and you’ve got something that feels a little stale. Outside of the multiplayer, the Gamepad serves almost no function at all, it displays some speed gauges which aren’t needed in the slightest. It gains points for the My Kong mode and the nifty photo options but that’s not enough to make it worth shelling out for.