Ronimo reveal Snowball EarthRonimo reveal Snowball Earth

Ronimo reveal Snowball Earth

Snowball Earth Screenshot1 300x169 Ronimo reveal Snowball EarthRonimo Games, the creators of the awesome, Awesomenauts have revealed their previously axed title, Snowball Earth.

The game was originally made in 2008 for the Nintendo Wii but was put on the back burner due to a lack of funding. However, it’s now seen the light of day and the developer is now hoping they might be able to continue development.

Snowball Earth is about a robot boy who thinks he accidentally started the last ice age. His robot masters have sent him to Earth to undo his mistake and together with his robot doggies he has been given the task to melt the earth. During his quest, he discovers that he has been deceived: a large fridge manufacturing company has illegally sold fridges to the yeti’s on earth, who can’t get enough of snow and ice. Our little robot hero must battle the evil polar animals, close all the fridges, and prove his innocence!

Ronimo have released a playable demo should you want to give the game a go. You’ll need a torrent downloader, if you have one then visit this link.