Battlefield 3 Beta – Caspian Border map now playableBattlefield 3 Beta – Caspian Border map now playable

Battlefield 3 Beta – Caspian Border map now playable

battlefield 3 tease 300x168 Battlefield 3 Beta   Caspian Border map now playablePreviously, the Caspian Border was available to PC players but only if you had a secret password, now it’s available to all PC users.

Unfortunately there’s no access to this map in the console versions of the game. The reason for this is simply because the Caspian Border map wasn’t included in the code on the console versions.

Still, if you have a PC that’s able to run the beta then you can now select the new map. The map is a complete contrast to the Operation Metro map, it features tanks, buggies, helicopters and jets.

DICE said, “The DICE team has decided to bring back Caspian Border for the beta’s final weekend and conduct an open large scale test of the 64-player Caspian Border map,”

“As we are again specifically testing 64-player server configurations, this test will be for PC only. The Caspian Border servers will be available for all PC players to join. Caspian Border will be available starting Friday, October 7th, in the afternoon (CET).”

“We are aware of a number of bugs in Caspian Border including vehicle flipping when it hits things and end of round crashes. Remember, it is still a BETA and the main test we are doing is finding what performance 64 player maps with vehicles in use has on the RSP’s machines and our own systems.”

The beta ends on Monday, October the 10th so get playing while you still can.

Then it’s only a 2-3 week wait until the game is launched in the UK on the 28th of October.