Saints Row 4 ‘Commander in Chief’ pre-order bonusSaints Row 4 ‘Commander in Chief’ pre-order bonus

Saints Row 4 ‘Commander in Chief’ pre-order bonus

saints row 4 preorder 300x187 Saints Row 4 Commander in Chief pre order bonusDeep Silver have today announced that pre-ordering Saints Row 4 will get you the ‘Commander in Chief’ bonus pack.

The pack is available for free, if you pre-order and contains an Uncle Sam outfit, Screaming Eagle Jet and ‘Merica gun, which is an orgy of mayhem by the looks of it. One of the Volition developers took to Reddit to give a bit more information on the gun itself:

“It uses an animation set similar to the Brute Flame Thrower & Brute Minigun weapons from SR3, but the player is not constrained to the slow walk speed. The weapon consists of the following weapons: -Light Machinegun -Sub Machinegun -Auto Shotgun -Heavy Pistol -Minigun -Rocket Launcher -Flamethrower -HUGE Combat Knife (can’t see in the pre-order screenshot, unfortunately) All small arms weapons and the minigun are constantly firing when the trigger is held, and pressing X will alternate between the secondary firing weapon, which is either the rocket launcher or flamethrower – with the selected weapon rotating to the top of the weapon.”

Sounds completely over the top and fantastic. Saints Row 4 will be granted freedom on August 20th in the US and the 23rd every where else.