Order Pizza Hut with your Xbox 360Order Pizza Hut with your Xbox 360

Order Pizza Hut with your Xbox 360

pizza hut 300x168 Order Pizza Hut with your Xbox 360Yes, it’s true, the thing gamers across the world have been asking for is finally released, the Pizza Hut delivery app.

From today, gamers in the US can download the Pizza Hut app to their Xbox 360 and start building their pizza of choice for delivery. You can choose your local store, flick through the menu, customise your own ‘za and much more. It’s even the first app to allow the purchase of physical goods, in this case, pizza.

That’s not even the best part, the app is Kinect compatible, meaning you don’t even have to lift a controller because, as we all know that uses up vast amounts of pizza consuming energy. You can use your body to roll out the dough, chuck on some tomato sauce, sprinkle it with cheese and heave on some toppings. Okay, that last bit may not be true, the Kinect actually only allows you to navigate the menus.

You can also share your purchase with your Facebook friends, then bask in the glory of their likes and comments.

No news of a release in other territories, just US for now – US gamers will also get 15% off for the next two weeks, which is nice.