GAME on the brink of administrationGAME on the brink of administration

GAME on the brink of administration

game GAME on the brink of administrationAccording to MCV, GAME have two weeks to save themselves before they’ll be forced into administration.

CEO Ian Shepherd apparently held a meeting with senior staff earlier this week, in which he told them to brace for administration. However, there maybe a life-line in the way of US gaming retailer Gamestop. If GAME do not receive a cash injection within the next couple of weeks then it will head into administration.

The first sign of this is their new ‘Spring Sale’ that started today. Games and consoles have had their prices slashed with a lot of games selling for under £5 and pre-owned consoles being pratically given away.

There’s been no official conformation from GAME as of yet, we will update you as soon as there is. In the meantime, good luck to all of the GAME group employees.

Source: MCV