Binary Domain demo coming soonBinary Domain demo coming soon

Binary Domain demo coming soon

Binary Domain 300x168 Binary Domain demo coming soonSEGA have announced that a playable demo of Binary Domain will be coming on February 15.

The demo will be available on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 and will feature two missions from the final game. You’ll take control of Dan Marshall and take control of a squad of teammates to battle through two of the early Rust Crew’s missions set in near future Tokyo.

“Gamers will have to fight highly intelligent robotic opponents and will also get the chance to try out Binary Domain’s ground breaking Consequence System. This system allows you to interact with and influence teammates in a variety of ways never before seen in a third person shooter, By using voice recognition in combat and non-combat situations players have a more natural dialogue with their allies, one which affects their behaviour and attitude.”

We’ll post a reminder on the 15th so you don’t forget.