Guide: Full list of Halo 4 Unlocks, Armour and SpecialisationsGuide: Full list of Halo 4 Unlocks, Armour and Specialisations

Guide: Full list of Halo 4 Unlocks, Armour and Specialisations

halo 4 cover 300x168 Guide: Full list of Halo 4 Unlocks, Armour and SpecialisationsI’m sure you’re currently blasting away at people across the globe on Halo 4. Well, there’s a lot of stuff to unlock in Halo 4 and we’re here to help you see what’s what.

A lot of the armour can be unlocked just by levelling up to SR-50 – after that Specialisations get involved. Here’s a list of those:

Recruit : Starting Armour
Warrior : Reach the Rank of SR-8
Air Assault : Reach the Rank of SR-11
Soldier : Reach the Rank of SR-15
Aviator : Reach the Rank of SR-17
Defender : Reach the Rank of SR-21
Recon : Reach the Rank of SR-26
EVA : Reach the Rank of SR-27
Warmaster : Reach the Rank of SR-37
Scout : Reach the Rank of SR-38
Orbital : Reach the Rank of SR-41
Infiltrator : Reach the Rank of SR-42
Hazop : Reach the Rank of SR-43
EOD : Reach the Rank of SR-45
Oceanic : Reach the Rank of SR-47
Enforcer : Reach the Rank of SR-50

However, that’s not all, even more can by unlocked by completing the in-game Commendations. You can find all of the Commendations in your Halo 4 service record. Here’s a list of those:

Mark VI : Legendary Commendation : Complete the campaign on Legendary (Solo or Co-op)
Commando : Dominion Victory Master
Gungnir : Slayer Victory Master
C.I.O. : Spartan Slayer Master
Ranger : Combat Opportunity Master
Venator : Assassin Master
Vanguard : Forerunner Enemy Mastery
Protector : UNSC Loadout Master
E.V.A. BRCH : Hail of Death Master
Infiltrator TRAC : Multikill Master
Defender CTRL : Bullet in the Brain Master
Soldier ZNTH : Spartan Spree Master
Recon Surge : Covenant Loadout Mastery
Warrior Matrix : Forerunner Loadout Mastery
Enforcer Tribal : Turret Mastery
Protector Drift : Weapon Mastery
Orbital AEON : Covenant Destroyer
Aviator Bond : Wheelman Mastery
Air Assault Verg : Vehicle Mastery
Soldier Zenith : Spartan Spree Mastery
Ranger STRK : Protector Mastery
EOD Shadow : Hail to the king Mastery
Vanguard Converge : Flag Victory Mastery
Scout APEX : Oddball Victory Mastery
Commando FRCT : Flood Victory Mastery
Contoured arms CHVR : Perfection Mastery
Recruit Legs Tiger : Exterminator Mastery
Twin-Plated AEON : Close Quarters Mastery
Contoured leg CHVR : Payback Mastery

Lastly, some armour sets can only be gained in special situations. Whether that be a pre-order bonus or through buying the limited edition. Here’s those:

Raider : Halo Waypoint Classified Unlock
Strider : War Games Map Pass or Limited Edition Halo 4
Scanner : War Games Map Pass or Limited Edition Halo 4
Recruit PRIME : Limited Edition Halo 4
FOTUS : Limited Edition Halo Xbox
Hazop FRST : Pre-order bonus
Vernator Raptor : Pre-order bonus
Oceanic CIRCUIT : Pre-order bonus
C.I.O. WEB : Pre-order bonus
Gungnir Pulse : Pre-order bonus
Deadeye : Pre-order bonus
Locus : Pre-order bonus or Play Mountain Dew King of the Hill iPhone app game

The last lot are via Specialisations. Once you hit SR-50 you’ll be able to select a Specialisation which you then keep until you’ve gone up 10 SR levels, then you can move onto the next one. It’s much like the Prestige system in Call of Duty. Each specialisation unlocks an armour set, a skin for that armour, a weapon skin, a custom visor colour, and the specialisation ability. Below are a list of all of the Specialisations and their special abilities, it’s important to note that as standard only two of them are available. The others are only available to customers who’ve got a pre-order code or who have bought the Limited Edition.

Wetwork: Faster assassinations, quieter footsteps and reduced visibility against Promethean vison
Pioneer: Advance quicker in rank
Engineer: HUD indicator for incoming ordinance.
Tracker: User can change ordinance options.
Rogue: Reduced flinch when being shot when scoped.
Stalker: Allows users to track down previous attacking enemies.
Pathfinder: Reduced turret cooldown and improved mobility when carrying.
Operator: Makes vehicles more durable.

You probably want to see what all of these different armour sets look like, so here’s a picture of them all.

halo 4 armour Guide: Full list of Halo 4 Unlocks, Armour and Specialisations

You may have noticed that you can change the colour of your visor, here’s a list of them all and how to unlock them.

Recruit (Blue) – Starting
Blindside (Dark Red) – Earn the Commendation Avenger Master
Cyan (Light Blue)- Earn the Commendation From the Brink Master
Frost (White) – Reach the Rank of SR-29
Legendary (Gold) – Complete the campaign on Legendary (Solo or Co-op)
Midnight (Black) – Reach the Rank of SR-46
Solar (Red) – Reach the Rank of SR-20
Verdant (Green) – Earn the Commendation Splatter Master
Sunspot (Purple & Blue) – Earn the Commendation Assistant Master
Additionally each Specialization unlocks a special visor, usually two-tone

Also, what Spartan wouldn’t be complete with a cool pose. Below is a list of those – click here for a picture of them all.

Recruit – Starting
Heroic – Reach the Rank of SR-10
Assassin – Reach the Rank of SR-32
Last Stand – Reach the Rank of SR-50
Breach – Earn the Commendation UNSC Weapons Master
Standoff – Earn the Commendation Covenant Ordnance Mastery
Believe – Earn the Commendation Forerunner Ordnance Mastery
Assault – Earn the Commendation First Strike Master

Lastly, here’s some higher quality renders of the different armour sets.