GTA Online Guide: Tips & Tricks

GTA Online is now available for all, and with that in mind, we’ve decided to stick a list together of a few tips and tricks that will hopefully help you progress through the multiplayer portion of the very popular, Grand Theft Auto V. If you’d like to read our review for GTAV, then simply click here.

Character Creation

First things first, creating your character. You may or may not know that to create a character you need to pick some grandparents then some parents, this then decides what your character looks like. If you’ve already made a character then you’re probably aware that they all look a bit odd, with dead eye stares, almost like they’ve seen some things, things you don’t wanna know about. All we can suggest for this is to hit random over and over until you come across a character that looks fairly normal.

If you’re a member of the Rockstar Social Club then you’ll get Red Dead star John Marston as a parent, which is cool but it doesn’t really change much in regards to your characters look. After you’ve picked what they look like you then need to distribute their hours. In case you don’t know, you need to decide how many hours a day your character does legal work, illegal work, parties, sleeps and so on. This may seem pointless but it actually effects your starting stats, so if you want lots of driving ability at the start then pay close attention to how you’re distributing these hours.

gta online GTA Online Guide: Tips & Tricks

Your personal car

In GTA Online you have your own personal car, if the cops see you driving a stolen car then you’ll automatically get a one star rating and they will kill you, just for driving someone else’s car, harsh, I know. At the beginning for GTA Online you’re instructed to get a car, this is where you want to pick the best car you can, although high end sports cars aren’t applicable. The reason you want to pick the best car you can is because for this one time only you get access to a few upgrades for free, including a car tracker and insurance. The car tracker will show you on the map where your car is at all times and the insurance will replace your car should it get destroyed. If you destroy someone else’s car which has insurance then you’ll be charged for the replacement, so be careful – you may also be deemed a ‘Bad Sport’ which is bad, hence the name.

If someone has stolen your car or you don’t want people to steal it then you can lock your doors. Hold the back/select button and scroll all the way to the bottom of the little menu that appears and you’ll see the option for car access. Here you can refuse anyone entry or only let your friends enter, if you do this whilst someone else is in the car it’ll stop and throw them out. Just remember, if you’re on a mission and you have this option enabled then it’ll still stop people from entering your car and may hinder your mission progress.

If you’re a Rockstar Social Club member then you will get access to a free Annis Elegy RH8 sports car, which is very good. In order to get this you’ll need a garage (the cheapest one to buy is $25k) although the Rockstar website says that Social Club members should get a free garage, this is working for some people but not others, it’s worth checking either way. To check this head to the property website and have a look through the listings and see if one of them is free. Once you have a garage you can order the free car from the luxury car website, which you can access through your phone, you can have as many as you want (if you have the garage space) so don’t worry too much if it gets destroyed. Once you have a car in your garage it’s automatically fitted with a tracker so you know where it is at all times.

gta online 2 GTA Online Guide: Tips & Tricks


The whole idea of GTA Online is to level up and get money, getting money at the start can be tricky but there’s a few ways to do it. The easiest way is to rob all of the stores, this will also get you an achievement. Before you go store robbing you should buy a mask, masks can be bought at the beach, there will be an icon on your map. You’ll also want a getaway vehicle, the best thing for that is a helicopter, we’ll go over where you can get those later. Go to the store, before going in equip the mask, you can do this by holding the back/select button, selecting inventory and turning it on and off there. Now simply walk into the shop, pull out your gun and point it at the shopkeeper. If you have a headset you can shout at them and they’ll move a bit faster, you can also shoot the bottles behind him but I’m not sure that makes much of a difference. Once he’s done take the bag and lose the cops, which will be either two or three stars. When you’re escaping the cops and you get to the stage where they don’t know where you are, remove your mask and it’ll automatically remove one star from your rating.

Then you want to stick the money in your bank, you can either find an ATM or (preferably) use your phone, go to the web browser, select ‘Money and Services’ then go to the banking website and deposit the money there. The reason for this is that when you die you’ll lose some of the money on your person but not the money in your bank, so it’s better not to have any money on you. A quick note on this, it’s supposed to work as I mentioned but currently there’s a bug where you lose money out of your bank, Rockstar are currently looking into it. Another quick way to make some money is selling cars, head to a car custom place and you can sell cars, although you can only do this once every 45 minutes or so, you also can’t sell high end cars, you’re best off selling SUVs and the like.

The quickest way to make large amounts of money is to do missions, and replaying high paying missions. There’s a couple of missions which you’ll unlock when you’re around rank 7-10, such as Meth’d Up and Violent Duct where you’ll get $5-10k a time and you can do them in a few minutes. Once it’s finished just hit the right trigger and you can do it again, now just keep doing this over and over and you’ll soon have a lot of cash. It’s also best to get some friends involved as you’ll get more RP, if they’re all Crew members then you’ll get even more! To summarise, find a mission that is easy and pays well and keep doing it over and over.

gta online 3 GTA Online Guide: Tips & Tricks

Social Club & Crews

If you haven’t already then sign up to the Rockstar Social Club. You can link your online profile to this account and unlock some cool stuff for the game. You’ll also be able to track your stats online and upload photos taken by your camera in-game. For GTA Online you’ll get a free Annis Elegy RH8 car, John Marston as a parent, a free sawn off shotgun (which can be picked up at AMM-U-NATION) and a free garage, apparently. That’s not all, you can also join crews, I can understand why you wouldn’t want to but being in a crew has its benefits. For example, if you complete a mission with other crew members you’ll get more RP, which will help you level up quicker. I believe you can be in as many crews as you like so there’s no reason not too. You’ll also be more likely to matched up with them in freemode, so they could help you out if needs be.

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gta online 4 GTA Online Guide: Tips & Tricks


- Helicopers spawn at the airport, dock, on the top of the Noose building and sometimes at Trevor’s hangar. The type of helicopter that spawns seems to depend on your level.-
- Planes can also be found at the airport sometimes, Jets are in the military compound, you’ll have to jump the fence as it won’t open if you try and use the road.
- If you own an apartment you can spectate on matches and see other characters’ police chases in the style of a news report.
- If you see someone robbing a store, parking a car in front of the doors is wrong, but quite funny.
- If someone puts and bounty on your head and you survive for a day then you’ll get a load of RP and the bounty amount – you can hide in your apartment if you like.
- If the cops are searching for you then going to your apartment or driving into a car customs garage will lose the cops.
- In races if you accelerate as soon as Go appears then you’ll get a speed boost.
- If you buy food from a store you can assign ‘snack’ as your taunt (in the hold back/select menu) so when you hit the two sticks together you’ll get some health back, do this in cover and you won’t have to watch the eating animation.
- You can share money with other players in the back/select menu, good for sharing out the cash if you robbed a store with other players.
- Pressing down on the D-pad makes the HUD map a bit bigger for a time.
- Passive mode won’t make you invincible, you can still get killed in cars etc.
- When you get to rank 10 you’ll be able to use Lester to hide your location on the map, highlight planes, put bounties on players’ heads and more.
- When you buy a new apartment your old one will be automatically sold and you’ll get some of that money back.
- SAVE YOUR GAME, this is important, when you’re finished playing go into the pause menu and quit GTA Online properly, failure to do so may result in loss of data.
- Golf is a relaxing way to split up missions but don’t quit if you’re losing, you’ll still get RP and won’t be deemed a bad sport.
- If you’re a bad sport you won’t receive bonuses and will apparently have to wear a dunce cap.
- Increasing attributes works the same as it does in single player, use the skill to upgrade it.
- If a shop keeper is too slow then you can kill him and take the money yourself but you won’t get as much.
- If you’re taking a shower in your apartment then you can sing down your microphone and gain more RP.

That’s it for now, if you know of any other tricks then leave a comment below or contact us on Twitter or Facebook.

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