Everything you need to know about OnliveEverything you need to know about Onlive

Everything you need to know about Onlive

onlive 300x225 Everything you need to know about OnliveOnlive has launched in the UK today, but what is it and how much will it cost you? Keep reading to find out.

Onlive is a cloud based gaming platform, what this means is that all of the games are stored on a server and when you purchase one you’re given access to it on that server.

The game then streams through your broadband connection allowing you to play instantly, there’s no discs or downloads needed.

Think of it like Youtube or Last.fm where you stream videos and music instantly without needing to download them.

Of course a lot of this depends on your internet connection but Onlive seem fairly confident that the majority of players out there will have a perfect experience with little/no lag.

Now, you’re probably wondering how to get involved. Firstly you need to make an account, you can do that here: http://www.onlive.co.uk/

There’s a number of ways to play, the easiest would be through your PC. On the Onlive website you can download the software that will get you up and running. You don’t need a super-powerful PC to play, all of the game processing is done on the servers so you should be able to play on any PC or Laptop.

There’s also a Onlive console which will allow you to play on yout TV using a standard controller, which is much like an Xbox 360 controller. For more information on the console watch the video below. Please note, the video is American, so ignore the price at the end. The UK price is £69.99.

The most exciting thing about this, in my opinion are the iPad, iPhone and Android apps. These allow you to play your games anywhere, if you have a connection. That means Xbox 360 games on your iPhone.

Of course, you also have to pay for the games. After signing up your first game will only cost you £1. From then on it’s mostly standard game prices. Although some games are listed under the Onlive Playpack. The Playpack is a £6.99 a month subscription which allows you to play these games as much as you want, these games include: Arkham Asylum, Saints Row 2, Homefront, Borderlands, Just Cause 2, Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, DiRT 3 and Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition. There’s over 100 to choose from.

As well as buying outright you can trial any game or rent them for a few days. This will cost £3.49 for three days or £4.99 for five days.

Onlive have managed to strike up deals with some major publishers which means games like Arkham City, Saints Row The Third and Assassin’s Creed Revelations will be available when they’re released. They’ve also said they have a few ‘major titles,’ which they’ve yet to announce.

That’s about it for now, it’s free to sign up and try and considering you can play it on any PC it’s worth a go. So head over to Onlive.co.uk and sign up now.

If you’re heading to the Eurogamer Expo then get over to the Onlive stand, they’re giving away free consoles and you might be able to grab one, if you’re lucky.